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Feng Shui Services, Bazi,  Events & Classes

Asides from Effective and Modern Feng Shui & Bazi applications, East Chen Consultancy had being providing its International Clients with high quality level Feng Shui Services & Events, as well as Classes to its students around the region.


1. Commercial / Office Feng Shui
2. Residential / Home Feng Shui
3. Personal Energizing Bazi Analysis
4. Children Study Enhancing Consultation
5. Date Selection
6. Name Recommendation
7. Public Events
8. In House Training
9.  Bazi Classes
10. Feng Shui Classes


East Chen Consultancy and our team has being known to deliver high quality, sincere and professional Feng Shui services to our International clients throughout the region. The high level of transparency and professionalism had being highly recognized by the clients.
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Feng Shui Service
Feng Shui Event
Feng shui event
Feng Shui Event
Feng Shui Class
Bazi Class
Feng Shui Class
Throughout the years since 2002, East Chen & Master Wesley Lim had being supporting their customers with all round services
Feng Shui Event
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East Chen Consultancy, An International Professional Feng Shui and Bazi Metaphysics Services Consultancy that you can trust!
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