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Unlock Your Life’s Blueprint & Destiny with Our Bazi Reading

Welcome to East Chen Consultancy, your trusted professional consultant for a thorough  Bazi reading services. As a top-rated international Feng Shui and metaphysics consultant with a perfect 5-star rating on Google, we’re here to help you decode the secrets of your destiny.

In your 40 minutes Bazi Reading session with us, your will be advised on,

Your core strength that can decide your career and industry and the clarification should you be a boss yourself or a competent working personnel that will excel in your organization!

The possible health concern to take precaution and best life Style to enjoy the quality of life!

Your strength in wealth to decide which path is best for the best outcome!

Your relationship should you need an advise on the when and where.

Your possibility of a new born to complete your wish.

You will have a crystal clear idea on when, where and how to have the best outcome & quality of your life after a session of Bazi analysis with us!

A report will be provided to you after for your easy reference after the Bazi reading session for your easy reference on the best practise customised to your personal needs in case you are unsure during a critical point of life for the best outcome!

Bazi Reading

Why Choose East Chen Consultancy for your Bazi Reading?

Proven Excellence

Our impeccable 5-star rating on Google reflects our dedication to providing top-notch Bazi reading services.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have unlocked their potential with us.

Internationally Recognised

With a global clientele, we’re known for our expertise in Bazi reading on an international scale.

Wherever you are, we can assist you in uncovering your life’s blueprint.

Experienced Masters

Our team of Bazi masters, lead by Master Wesley Lim, boasts years of experience, ensuring the accuracy and depth of your reading.

Trust in our expertise to guide you on your journey.

Personalised Insights

Every Bazi reading is tailored to your unique circumstances, providing you with insights and guidance that are specific to your life’s path and goals.

What to Expect from Our Bazi Reading Service

Receive a detailed analysis of your Bazi chart, uncovering your strengths, weaknesses, and life potential to bring out your best in your life.

Gain a profound insights into career choices, relationships, and important life events, equipping you to make informed decisions during any critical moment of your life.

Discover the keys to unlocking your destiny and maximizing your life’s potential to elevate your achievement in your life with no regret.

Experience a warm and supportive atmosphere where you can openly discuss your concerns and aspirations with our friendly experts, mainly Master Wesley Lim.

And on top of all, your information will be kept with the highest level of confidentiality as we respect all our customers’ privacy!

Book Your Bazi Reading Today and Shape Your Destiny!

Don’t wait to unveil the blueprint of your destiny.

We are always ready to provide you with professional Bazi reading services that will empower you to take control of your life.

📞  Call us at 67344138 or 97890321 to schedule your Bazi reading session or an non-obligating discussion.

Visit us at 150 Orchard Road, #02-45 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841 (after an appointment scheduled) for an in-person consultation.

Or book online here via our Free Mobile App <Feng Shui Bao Di> for your convenience.

Your destiny is waiting to be unveiled, and we’re here to be your friendly guide!

Join us at East Chen Consultancy for an enlightening Bazi reading experience.

Unlock Your Destiny with Bazi Reading at East Chen Consultancy

Customers Testimonials

About Master Wesley & East Chen Consultancy

Singapore Feng Shui Master Wesley Lim, the Founder of East Chen Consultancy that operates in both Singapore and Malaysia; serving since 2002 in both commercial & residential sectors with his effective Feng Shui & Bazi Reading Skills.

There will be no mass buying of Feng Shui Artefacts when a Feng Shui Consultation is given by Master Wesley, who combines the schools of “Environmental” and “Calculation” assessment methods that includes but limited to, “Heaven Heart”, “Flying Stars”, “Flipping Trigrams”, “Yi Jing”, “Fu Yuan”, “28 Star Constellations”, “Gold Dividing” etc “Emperor” methods of Feng Shui technics to create a bridge of “Yin” & “Yang” to blend them in the harmonised state to setup an “invisible” Feng Shui.

Customers’ confidentiality are kept to the utmost level to ensure protections are in place from potential manipulation; even unintentional are kept to the minimal level especially for the commercial clients.

Over the years Master Wesley had given countless talks on the topic of Bazi Reading, Feng Shui, Face Reading & name Selection etc and you may have come across his Online & onsite events where generous Feng Shui, Bazi and Face reading educating sharing by Master Wesley and you are invited to subscribe and take a look at our Youtube channel, “East Chen Consultancy” should you are interested to know more about professional Feng Shui, Bazi Reading, Name Systems and Face Reading systems which East Chen Consultancy Master Wesley had being sharing generously in his programs and events.

Should you need a reliable Feng shui or Bazi Reading consultant with industry leading Customer Service level that had being endorsed by East Chen Customers; we are just a phone call away via 67344138 (SG) or 073649902 (M’sia).





多年来林雨生老师出席并举办了无数次的风水,八字,面相与姓名学等讲座与节目。无论是线上或现场的风水,八字或面相讲座与节目,林雨生老师在节目中的专业风水与命理学问的无私分享是业界难得一见的慷慨。有兴趣看看林老师节目视频的朋友欢迎订阅东辰咨询的Youtube频道:“East Chen Consultancy”以可以在第一时间观看东辰精彩的风水,八字, 姓名与面相节目内容!

如若你需要一家服务至上的专业风水与八字命理公司的咨询服务,欢迎随时播电67344138 (新加坡)或 072647702(马来西亚)与我们联系以询问详情。

East Chen Professional Bazi Reading

A 40 mins you should invest.