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Know your Prime Time & Max out Return with Bazi Reading
Confirmed your investment & Career Direction is Right
Unleash your Study, Career & Investment Potential
Spend Career & Investment Efforts & Money Right
Is spending a 40 mins too much to know the above?
Bazi Consultation

Ever,  “Should I could know it better & earlier”


Ever, “Am I suitable for this career and or role?”


Ever, “Why others are making money and I am not?”


Your doubts will be cleared after a session of Bazi reading with East Chen’s Master Wesley who organized you into a system of Bazi with a touch of modern approach and give Practical, Usable Advises to let you have the best out of your life.

Bazi Reading


In Bazi Reading, your birthday and time is decoded into 8 characters thus called the “Bazi” (8 characters) in Chinese. You will be wrong to say you know nothing if you are aware of your Zodiac.


Zodiac reading divided people into sixty categories and had being providing a glimpse into one’s luck of a year that can be pretty accurate. So how accurate will a Bazi system that includes your Zodiac and categorized you among Millions of categories can be?   Can this Bazi system reading be more precise? The answer is a definite “Yes”.


With proper Bazi Reading by Master Wesley, your personal element (not your Zodiac Element) interactions with its surrounding will be plotted & decoded. Practical & Usable advises on how to be more successful in life base on your unique element will be given, including the right directions of career, investment and business effort to ensure the best result even during the low in your life.


Countless customers of East Chen had proved our art of Bazi reading had help them achieving more than they can expected with Master Wesley years of international experience in the Metaphysics world since 2002.


Will you be interested to be one of them? Why Wait and risk your Prime Time might be oozing away?


A 40 mins Bazi Reading with Master Wesley is all you need in life to know a lot more better of yourself.

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Know Yourself to Bless Yourself
Be your own Master
Nothing Religious, no prayer
Achieve more then you imagine

No longer will you be confuse when facing Decision Making Situation,


No more ,

“Should I know it earlier…”,

“Is this Role for me?”,

“Is this invesment good for me?”


After a 40 mins Bazi Reading with East Chen Consultancy.

40 Mins of Bazi Reading for Practical Advise
Unleash Your True Potential
Invest Efforts & Money Correctly

East Chen’s Master Wesley plot out Your Prime Time together with Practical & Usable Advises.


You will know what to do and not to and when to put efforts in which area to have the maximum return.


Nothing religious, pure decoding formula.

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East Chen Practical Bazi Reading
40 Mins for a better tomorrow
Best Gift for You & Love Ones
Clear in how to groom your Kids
See beyond one’s character & unleash the True Potential

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This can be your most important 40 mins in Life

The most fruitful investment that you had made.

Direct to the point indication

Beneficial for Life advises

Make an appointment with East Chen today to have no regret.

Let Master Wesley decode yours and your Loves ones Potential and show you the way you might not be seeing before this 40 mins of discussion.

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About Master Wesley & East Chen Consultancy
Master Wesley Lim of Singapore, Founder of East Chen Consultancy.


An International Feng Shui & Bazi Metaphysics Master who has being serving the society since 2002. His clients includes commercial sector across global MNC  & SME ranging from Developers, Retails to Hotel Chains.


Master Wesley is well appreciated by his International customers with his Modernized, Direct, Effective Feng Shui & Bazi Technics that produced Fast Result and a seasoned Metaphysics Public Speaker & Teacher whose Generosity & Sincerity in sharing has never be doubted at.


East Chen Consultancy, a Professional & Friendly Bazi and Feng Shui consulting Firm you can trust.

Feng Shui Class
Feng Shui Class
Bazi Consultation
Bazi Consultation

East Chen Consultancy Bazi Reading

A 40 mins you should not missed in life.

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