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Have a Professional Bazi reading to,

Know who you are and what you can do best!
Strengthen in “Low” period to unleash your full in the “High”
Forget what will happen but focus on what you can make happened!
Turbo your destiny with our Professional Bazi Reading.


Bazi Reading

Know your mission & command your destiny to be the best person you can be!


East Chen Bazi Reading

Decode your mission in life with East Chen professional Bazi reading to know your “Day Master” and the interactions around it in your chart.

Have your strength and weakness in life drawn out in conjunction with the period of “High” and “Low” to have a clear idea where your arena is.

Fight during the “Low” to store up the seeds for success for the “High” to arrive & rocket up by practising the correct Life styles according to what your “Day Master” really needs!

Redefine your life by your wills after knowing the best direction and no longer lives with what your “luck” leads you to be!

Needs no prayer and nothing religious; pure calculation with Metaphysics is what it is.








A 40 minutes session is all you need to redefine your journey in Life

Before a wrong career and investment


Call  67344138 (S’pore) or 073649902 (M‘sia) for an non-obligation enquiry

It may be the best decision you made so far…


About Master Wesley & East Chen Consultancy

Singapore Feng Shui Master Wesley Lim, the Founder of East Chen Consultancy that operates in both Singapore and Malaysia; serving since 2002 in both commercial & residential sectors with his effective Feng Shui & Bazi Reading Skills.

There will be no mass buying of Feng Shui Artefacts when a Feng Shui Consultation is given by Master Wesley, who combines the schools of “Environmental” and “Calculation” assessment methods that includes but limited to, “Heaven Heart”, “Flying Stars”, “Flipping Trigrams”, “Yi Jing”, “Fu Yuan”, “28 Star Constellations”, “Gold Dividing” etc “Emperor” methods of Feng Shui technics to create a bridge of “Yin” & “Yang” to blend them in the harmonised state to setup an “invisible” Feng Shui.

Customers’ confidentiality are kept to the utmost level to ensure protections are in place from potential manipulation; even unintentional are kept to the minimal level especially for the commercial clients.

Over the years Master Wesley had given countless talks on the topic of Bazi Reading, Feng Shui, Face Reading & name Selection etc and you may have come across his Online & onsite events where generous Feng Shui, Bazi and Face reading educating sharing by Master Wesley and you are invited to subscribe and take a look at our Youtube channel, “East Chen Consultancy” should you are interested to know more about professional Feng Shui, Bazi Reading, Name Systems and Face Reading systems which East Chen Consultancy Master Wesley had being sharing generously in his programs and events.

Should you need a reliable Feng shui or Bazi Reading consultant with industry leading Customer Service level that had being endorsed by East Chen Customers; we are just a phone call away via 67344138 (SG) or 073649902 (M’sia).





多年来林雨生老师出席并举办了无数次的风水,八字,面相与姓名学等讲座与节目。无论是线上或现场的风水,八字或面相讲座与节目,林雨生老师在节目中的专业风水与命理学问的无私分享是业界难得一见的慷慨。有兴趣看看林老师节目视频的朋友欢迎订阅东辰咨询的Youtube频道:“East Chen Consultancy”以可以在第一时间观看东辰精彩的风水,八字, 姓名与面相节目内容!

如若你需要一家服务至上的专业风水与八字命理公司的咨询服务,欢迎随时播电67344138 (新加坡)或 072647702(马来西亚)与我们联系以询问详情。

East Chen Professional Bazi Reading

A 40 mins you should invest.



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