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A Name that Brings Out the Best of you, your child and Your Company

Name Selection

Welcome to East Chen Consultancy, your trusted consultant to activate blessing with a Name Selection base on what you need from the signs decoded by the system of Bazi. If you’re seeking a name that not only resonates with your heart but also aligns with the system of the Name Selection, we are here to help.

Why A Name Selection

Name Selection

Choosing a name is more than just picking up a title for yourself; it’s about embracing a profound tradition with the utilisation of Five Elements arranged in a way that is beneficial to the name bearer in consideration of both the blessing meaning behind & the activation of the needed elements by simply calling it out to help releasing the best outcome from it; easy, right?

A thoughtfully selected name should:

  • Releasing Positive Energy: A well-balanced name, in harmony with the principles of Five Elements that bring auspicious meanings into life can be effective to the bearer simply by calling it out.
  • Aligning with the Meaning of Trigrams: The number of strokes will interact with each other to form their unique combinations and our job is to make sure these combinations will be having auspicious meaning instead of otherwise aside from a meaningful name.
  • Cultural Connection: A name form a bridge between the bearer and the culture; conveying respect & understanding to potential Chinese-speaking partners, friends, or clients (Our name selection is Primarily base on Chinese, complemented by English)
  • Motivating Personal Growth: The name can reflects a life’s purpose for the owner, subconsciously guiding the bearer towards the meaning of the name and motivating the bearer personal growth and fulfilment in life.
  • Assisting in Business Successes: For businesses, a well analysed and chosen name can support in opening up the doors to new opportunities and markets with the needed element with auspicious trigrams representing the business identity and arranged on the right location on the business card.

Our Name Selection Services

At East Chen Consultancy, we’re more than just your service provider; we sincerely want you and your loves one to be successful in life,

  • Understanding: We begins by understanding your needs and preference in the name to be advice and any values and aspirations to come together with the name. Our friendly customer service personnel will ensure the name embodies your essence.
  • Trigram and Five Elements Principles: Our professional “Yi Li” (Yi Jing) practitioners will align your name with the principles of balance, harmony, and energy flow as define by the principle pf Trigram (Bagua) & Five Elements.
  • Meaningful Options: Our consultant will do the job for you in funnelling down the best names that have the auspicious combinations to ensure you only have the best options for consideration.
  • Cultural Significance Behind the Name: Our consultant will explain the cultural significance and symbolism behind each name via a Online or On site meeting (base on your preference) to allow your full comprehension of the calculations and reasons behind the recommendation.
  • As simple as it can get: You can be assure that we are not into some industry practice of making names look complicated to make belief they are powerful but instead, they will be as easy to write, pronounce and remember as we can make them to be to prevent the bearer having any resistance to use it to bring out the blessing of them.

Why Choose East Chen Consultancy

  • Professionalism: East Chen Consultancy is a “Yi” professional who respects culture and will only provide you with professional advises to ensure the names are not only auspicious but culturally appropriate.
  • Friendly Experts: East Chen’s “Yi” experts are not only knowledgeable but also approachable, making the process enjoyable and stress-free as we discussed the system and reasons behind the name recommendations.
  • “YI” (Yi Jing) Expertise: The names are being recommended by Master Wesley Lim after careful and precise analysis using the system of “Bazi” to come up with his professional recommendations.
  • Customised Recommendations: There is no names to be the same as all are being customised and tailored to yours, your loves one and your company’s need to make them unique and auspicious to assist the name bearers moving towards the best path to success!
  • A “Five Stars” Reviewed Professional ”Yi” Consultant: We thank you our customers’ kind words and supports to make us a Google “5 Stars” reviewed Feng Shui services consultant. You can be assured only the best will be provided to ensure your trust is reciprocated with our best level possible arrangements and advises, together with our industry benchmarking post sales customers service level.

Start The Journey With A Great Name!

Get a head start with a great name that consists of the Elements needed by the name bearers and the blessing Trigram (Bagua) combinations that provides the assistance needed for a better success.

Contact us or whatapps +6597890321 for your best name selection and recommendation!

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