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Feng Shui Services in Singapore

Feng Shui Services by Singapore Feng Shui Master, East Chen Consultancy’s  Master Wesley Lim is known for his effective “True Feng Shui” way in his Geomancy  arrangement where you will be crystal clear in how to block, tame, blend and releasing the various enegeries (Qi) for your home or offices to leverage on the best setup for the best result in the shortest possible time.

There is no religion ceremony and items involved as all arrangements are base on “True” Feng Shui systems and calcaulations fomulas to give you nothing but a Life quality enhancing and luck changing Home and Office boosting with positive energies!

Our industry leading Customer Service level will ensure there is nothing a client cannot asked during and after Feng Shui Services are done. A comprehensive and detail report will be provided on the details for every Home and Office Feng Shui projects.

You may be surprise that our super pemium service does not come with a super premium price tag. Give us an non-obligated call on 67344138(S’pore) or 073649902 (M’sia) and we are here to help.

Of course you can also email us for an non-obligated enquiry.

List of Feng Shui Services available

1. Office Feng Shui
2. Home Feng Shui
3. Bazi reading
4. Date Selection
5. Name Selection
6. Feng Shui Event
7. Bazi Class
8. Feng Shui Classes
9. Qimen Divination

It is our mission to help our clients “Know yourself, Bless yourself”. If you need a professional and responsible Feng Shui Consultant on your home or Office Feng Shui services, we are a phone call away.

East Chen Consultancy, a professional and responsible Feng Shui Services Consultancy you can rely on.

East Chen Consultancy, An International Professional Feng Shui Services, Bazi Analysis, Name Selection and other Metaphysics Services Consultancy that you can rely on.

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