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Bazi, Feng Shui Service, Events & Classes

East Chen Consultancy had being providing its International Clients with high clarity level Feng Shui Service, Bazi Analysis,  Public and Private Events, In house or Open Feng Shui & Bazi Classes in the region.

Whether you need a clear understanding of your True Potential Beyond your Character which is superficial together with a clear direction to steer your journey or those of the one you love, East Chen’s Bazi Analysis service had being endorsed and proven to enhance and change your life towards the better side of the world with no religious elements but via the application of daily routine.


Having a need to boost your children’s learning progress and level of concentration? How about have a quick discussion with Master Wesley on the children’s Study Star (Wen Chang) and how to activate and apply it to make life easier of you and your children?


Should you be looking for enhancement in working or living environment to springboard you to a greater height, East Chen is here to help with Modernized, Effective and Fast Results customized Feng Shui service to your advantages.


If you are looking to learn the science of Bazi and Feng Shui with a modern and comprehensive approach, looks no further then East Chen Consultancy who has conducted highly interactive classes, in house training and events throughout our time.

East Chen Services

1. Office Feng Shui Service

2. Home Feng Shui Service

3. Personal Energizing Bazi Analysis Services

4. Children Study Enhancing Consultation (Wen Chang)

5. Date Selection

6. Name Recommendation

7. Public & In House Events

8. In House Training

9.  Bazi Classes

10. Feng Shui Classes

East Chen Consultancy and our team has being known to deliver high quality, sincere and professional Feng Shui service to our International clients throughout the region with high level of transparency and professionalism had being highly recognized by the clients.

East Chen Consultancy & Master Wesley Lim had being supporting their customers with all round services to improve their quality of life, career and business with modern and effective Bazi  and Feng Shui services that produce result fast.


To serve the customers at a higher level of customer service, today East Chen Consultancy is operating in Singapore and Malaysia and radiate the coverage to a greater length.

East Chen Consultancy, An International Professional Feng Shui and Bazi Metaphysics Services Consultancy that you can trust!

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