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Professional Feng Shui Master Singapore and Malaysia with Modern application of Effective and True Feng Shui audit and Bazi reading consultation with no buying of Artefacts!

Wesley's Feng Shui advise has helped my family gain balance and good health. It has also bought us good career opportunities and help us overcome some shortfalls in life. We most appreciate that he doesn't believe in spending on expensive ornaments, just simple steps and affordable pieces that we can source on our own.

Mae Liew


William Tan 陈宥年

Me and my Husband engaged Master Wesley before we move in to our new House. With his advise, we can have a better understanding an ideas in how to have a good and comfortable living at our new home. We are also impressed with his Bazi analysis and it is very helpful to us. Thank you, Wesley!

Residential Feng Shui Customer

Feng Shui Master Singapore Wesley’s Modern, Effective & Fast acting professional Feng Shui & Bazi Reading Technics enables his clients to reach their Full potential since 2002!

Reach True Potential

East Chen Consultancy Feng Shui Master Singapore moves the customers away from superficial & religious analysis & judge one’s potential by thy personal’s Five Elements and home Feng Shui opportunities to enables his customers to live to their True Potential and push for their Success in life in the right directions with customised solutions that comes in the form of daily & modern home design life styles.

Effective & Invisible

No mass buying of traditional Feng Shui Artefacts as East Chen Feng Shui Master Malaysia professional “invisible” arrangement serves its customers.  Master Wesley apply a combination of “Environmental” & “Calculation” schools such as,  “Flying Stars”, “Yi Jing”, “Fu Yuan”, “Trigrams Flipping”, “Heaven Heart” etc “Emperors” methods to build a bridge between the “Yin Yang” for a harmonised thus good office Feng Shui arrangement.


All information of customers will be kept strictly confidential and if its commercial customers deem necessary, East Chen Consultancy is ready to discuss a Non Disclosure Agreements together if circumstances called for. This is the level of East Chen Consultancy’s service professionalism that the clients can and had trusted since East Chen Consultancy had being setup by Master Wesley Lim in 2009.

Award-Winning Feng Shui Consultant in Singapore and Beyond

Master Wesley Lim has dedicated his life to passing on his passion for Feng Shui. With more than 20 years of experience in Chinese Metaphysics practice, he can help transform your environment to improve your career, health, vitality and overall well-being. Harness the power and flow of Qi in your home or workplace under the simple, practical yet effective guidance of Feng Shui Master Singapore.

Feng Shui is an ancient metaphysical practice that can help anyone achieve a better quality of life. Achieve an elemental balance to create a high level of harmony in your environment, for the benefit of all who leverage on space and time effectively. Feng Shui services that guarantee to help you improve your health, increase wealth and harmonize relationships whether you are in Singapore or abroad.

2022 Feng Shui Webinar

Feng Shui For Business, Homes and More

In Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, fengshui is widely practiced in homes and workplaces to help restore tranquillity. With our services, you can access the wisdom of our principal consultant online from whisever you are in the world – from Singapore to the U.S.A. and all countries in-between.

Join thousands of clients worldwide who have benefitted from the fengshui expertise of Singapore’s Master Wesley Lim. From everyday citizens, to corporations and even royalty, Master Wesley has offered personalised guidance to them all. When you come to us, you’ll get a custom audit of superlative quality to refer back to again and again.

From choosing a property to develop or dwell in, to reinvigorating your home or overhauling the office, Feng Shui goes beyond interior design. Feng Shui is a way of life developed by ancient thinkers in China.

Our Feng Shui master, Master Wesley has years of experience in Feng Shui. Having studied the writings and philosophies of the ancient thinkers, Master Wesley recognizes the relevance of Feng Shui in this age.

Learn from Master Wesley about how you can take advantage of positive qi (氣,meaning life force) and suppress negative qi by making small adjustments to your lifestyle. Even simple changes to your sleeping position could make a huge difference to your qi! Start with a quotation by filling out an online enquiry form on this page!

If you’re interested to learn more about the history of Feng Shui, click here for a beginner’s guide video to Feng Shui.


East Chen Consultancy

With modernized and Skillful Feng Shui & Bazi knowledge, Feng Shui Master Singapore – East Chen Consultancy serves its International clients  including Multi-National & Public listed Companies seeking Business Advancement together with Individuals who are looking for a better life & Career quality for themselves and their love ones.

Master Wesley Lim’s high level of interaction and fast results for his customers on the services engaged had made East Chen Consultancy a professional Feng Shui and Bazi Consultancy People will turn to when in needs.

The Clean, Modern, Non religious and result producing application of the ancient art had being much welcomed by his clients with usually a dash of relief with no aesthetics impact after the arrangement.

East Chen Consultancy, a friendly and professional Feng Shui and Bazi Service Consultant you can trust.

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East Chen Consultancy

A Feng Shui Master Singapore & Bazi Consultant you can trust!
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What are the services offered?

We provide the following Feng Shui services,

– BaZi Reading
– Residential Home Feng Shui audit
– Commercial Office Feng Shui audit
– General Chinese Metaphysics consultation

How does East Chen Consultancy differ from other Feng Shui Master?

Master Wesley Lim, principal Feng Shui master from East Chen Consultancy, meticulously and methodically calculate every client’s BaZi chart based on the birth year, day and time, combining with Feng Shui data / incidents charted out from one’s current living environment, overlaying with numerous layers of data such as the Flying Stars to assure highest accuracy in every consultation, hence providing the ability to project the precise outcomes in every scenario.

Where can I find your outlet?

East Chen Consultancy has two physical outlets or offices located in Singapore and Malaysia. Nonetheless, we are also providing services to clients internationally thanks to technological advancement.

Who can I contact for a service enquiry?

You may directly contact Crystine at +65 9789 0321 to further arrange any services.

Can I have the Feng Shui audit services price list?

You may directly contact Crystine at +65 9789 0321 to further enquire about the price list of each Feng Shui service.