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Residential Feng Shui Invisible Setup

Modern Residential Feng Shui that need not buy mass Feng Shui Artefacts.

East Chen Residential Feng Shui combines the right “Yin” & “Yang”

Calculation the “Move” & “Quiet” locations

Setup invisible & effective Home Feng Shui Focusing on you & your family.

Feng Shui Compass

Residential Feng Shui by East Chen will be focusing on the blending of the right amount of Yin and Yang in a home together with the Owner and occupant’s personal element.The directing of “Qi” towards the auspicious locations will be planned out and suggest to the customers for their furniture, fixtures and lightings arrangements to create the correct t ambient to generate the effect that can boost the quality of life of the occupants and their luck to achieve what they are looking for in life.

In an era that Earth Burial is getting scarce, the important of Residential Feng Shui is getting even more significant as there is one arm (Yin Feng Shui) less now to build up the positive contribution in one luck from the prospective of Professional Feng Shui.

Master Wesley approach every Residential Feng Shui site by combining the External, Internal and Personal Yin and Yang through Fixtures and Furnitures arrangements after reading the environment Qi and calculate the locations level of auspicious with multiple method of Feng Shui Calculation Methods.

There will be no need to mass buy Feng Shui Artefacts to have the effect in as Professional Residential Feng Shui arrangement by East Chen Feng Shui Master, Master Wesley is focusing on the tweeting of Yin and Yang energies to produce the desirable effects that will bring benefits to the occupants via the daily positive influence of the environmental physical arrangement and design.

Calculations involved will of course includes the locations of “Wealth”, “Health”, “Relationship”, “Noble Man”, “Sick” etc to decide where should be the “moving” and “quiet” places for the suitable furnitures and fixtures to be placed according to the elements and ranking of the family members systematically to ensure the best are being advised to East Chen Residential Feng Shui customers.

Questions asked by East Chen Residential Feng Shui Customers will be answered in a clear and comprehensive manners to assure there is cooperation from the clients in order to have the Feng Shui effects to set in as per planned.

Post survey questions will also be replied thus there is no fear that if something had being missed during the on site survey there will be no choice to clarify; East Chen believes in customers need to know what exactly they are doing in order for the best geomancy effect to be in place which had being proven since Master Wesley started his service to the public since 2002.

Should you have any needs for a professional Residential Feng Shui to be arranged for a better quality of Life; with no mass buying of Feng Shui Artefacts, feel free to call us on 67344138 (Singapore) or 073649902(Malaysia) for an non-obligated enquires on how can we help to change your home energies into a contributing one invisibly.

East Chen Consultancy, a professional Home Feng Shui Consultancy you can trust.

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Home Feng Shui
Home Feng Shui