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“Why Feng Shui?” is a question that had either stop or encourage people to step forward to experience the art.
Before all, a basic understanding is Geomancy application has nothing to do with any religion in order to have it works. It is however that a lot Master has their own religion for their own reason and had their religion practice along the art of Feng Shui.
The strength of this non-religion related metaphysics system focus on decoding the effect of planets position in relative to Earth & the time factor which is a must item to look at when comes to application of Technics.
This logic refined by thousands of years has streamline down to time withstanding art such as the “flying stars” calculations to tackle the changes in environment and one’s own element & energy field to create a harmonized energy field to face the challenges in life.
It is nothing as mystical as projected by Dramas, movies and stories. It purely involves the calculation and tuning of energy field.
In any way that any masters had presented Feng Shui to their followers, the art had helped countless people along all these years which the effectiveness had won a big crowd of fans till today modern age.
“Why Feng Shui?” Because through the tuning of environment and human’s elements & energies to create a harmony & positive ambient to help & improve the quality of life,.
Thus, Feng shui please?

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