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The Way Feng Shui Works

Feng shui is all about the vibrations of chi! From physics we all know that everything within the universe (natural and man made) contains atoms, energy and vibrations.

“We are an an electrical charge…human beings and every one living issues are a conjugation of energy in a very field of energy connected to each different thing in the world.” In other words, this electrical phenomenon that physicists say is what the Chinese decision “chi.”

The Way Feng Shui WorksThe chi of heaven, earth & rule The sun, moon, stars and planets all radiate their chi, or vital force energy, right down to the Earth’s atmosphere. It circulates down into the soil and water.

In turn, chi funnels into our buildings through our doors and windows, our hallways and every room. This universal energy merges with the energetic vibrations of everything in your home or work space, we have a tendency toll as|together with} colors, furnishings, shapes of rooms, fabrics, even design and this energy combines in numerous patterns.

Eventually it influences the chi of body, mind, and spirit of all who reside there. you’re wherever You Live! They say, we attract what we tend to are. we tend to attract bound energetic patterns into our lives, be it people, places, objects, or situations.

If you vibrate on the lower finish of the scale, you’ll be able to attract illness, depression, further as difficult relationships and work. Feng Shui master can impact each space of your life. you may have a negative impact on your home. Or, sometimes, the house you reside in has negative energy and it impacts your life. an area will replicate this lower energy pattern, either physically (clutter and neglect) or invisibly (spiritually). typically the home appearance fine, however the negative energy leads to a dullness, staleness or unhappy feeling.

Oftentimes, my shoppers say that it doesn’t want home. they need not been ready to “bond” with it as a result of the vibration of their chi doesn’t match. once you perceive this association between your setting and well-being, you’ll be able to create positive shifts in your home feng shui to boost your chi and hopefully break any negative patterns.