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Dear readers,
When come to this topic, you may had already know or read parts and puzzles from somewhere or someone what Feng Shui is but just not too sure what are the elements and logic that works exactly beyond the thick crust of theories and at time; mist before the presentation of the art by some schools and Masters.

I will try to pull off mist and fancies starting with this series and go straight to the point via layman term to enable a common understanding for all, over the fundamental driving factors of the system behind the metaphysics.

Hopefully you will have an enjoyable reading.

Chapter One
I am going to skip the story of the beginning here as it is frankly a bit long winded and dived straight into the science behind.

Important Basic

a) Energies
There are namely ten form which are define by Five Elements of Metallic, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth and divide into “Ying” & “Yang” nature. Thus by combining “Elements” & “Nature”, you have “Ying” Metallic, “Yang” Metallic, “Ying” Water, “Yang” Water etc and so on to make up the ten forms of energies.

b) Rules
The rules are called rules as these are how the energies and nature behave. They were being observed, calculated over countless years and finally set up to form the logic and system of Feng Shui to enable a systematic and statistical approach when reading the environment to apply the necessary to each unique situation.
These are back bone of the system which are easy to comprehend.

i) Energies Rules
Most likely you have heard of them but here they goes again.


  • Metal enhance Water
  • Water enhance Wood
  • Wood enhance Fire
  • Fire enhance Earth
  • Earth enhance Metal.


  • Metal discount Wood
  • Wood discount Earth
  • Earth discount Water
  • Water discount Fire
  • Fire discount Metal

In short the relationship can be illustrate in Figure 1 below.
5 Elements
Figure 1

Do note,above is not definite when volume is considered. Therefore,

  • When there is too much Wood, instead of overcoming, Metal will be blunt.
  • When there is too much Metal, instead of overcoming, Fire will be exhausted.
  • When there is too much Fire, instead of overcoming, Water will be vaporized.
  • When there is too much Water, instead of overcoming, Earth will be eroded.
  • When there is too much Earth, instead of overcoming, Wood will be broken.

On the same token,

  • When there is too much Water, instead of growing strong, the Wood will float.
  • When there is too much Wood, instead of getting bigger the Fire will shame off.
  • When there is too much Fire, instead of multiplying, the Earth will cracked.
  • When there is too much Earth, instead of producing, Metal will be buried.
  • When there is too much Metal, instead of generating, water will be polluted.

Further more,

  • When there is too much Water, the Metal will sink.
  • When there is too much Metal, the Earth will be fragmented.
  • When there is too much Earth, the Fire is tamed.
  • When there is too much Fire, the wood will crack.
  • When there is too much Wood, the water will shrink.

Volume factor influence “rules” and direct the final outcome; something which not have been drawing enough attention whole assessing the environment.

ii) Nature Rules
These rules are pretty straight forward.

“Yang” or in layman term positive energy is demonstrated by the form of movement, light and upward direction.

“Ying” or in layman term negative energy is demonstrated by the form of still, darkness and downward direction.

With solely “Ying” or “Yang”, there is nothing but however “Ying” will exist in extreme “Yang” and “Yang” does exist in extreme “Ying”.

An instance, living creatures in deep sea when sun don’t reach or the Snow Lotus at the height where even the bird don’t fly.

Combining “Ying” and “Yang” create energy and give birth to life which in turn has its own nature with the volume combination of the five elements and leads to limitless outcome in different time zone and environments.

Belonging to the same family, a Hawk cruse miles after miles in board day light while an Owl prowl through the woods in the night.

An interesting fact which we should spend some time in relation to metaphysics such as Feng Shui.

iii) A Nature illustration of adjourning “Energies” and “Nature”

When warm front of air meet cold front to form a spiral movement it is a result of “Yang” meets the “Ying”. The outcome will amplifies or diminished depends on the difference in both atmospheric pressures (energy volume) and the environmental factor (five elements volume) at the point of merger.

If the air (Wood Element) fronts meet in the middle of an Ocean (Water element), the result will be an amplification of Wind; “Water will enhance the strength of Wood”.
Hurricane over Sea

However, if the same energy of Air fronts meet in the middle of a Mountain (Earth Element), the wind (Wood Element) energy will diminished; “too much Earth break Wood”.
hurricane over Land

Same elements with same energies behaves differently in relationship to environmental “Elements” factor.

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