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East Chen Consultancy and Master Wesley Lim had helped countless customers over its years of operations via accurate application of the wisdom of “Four Pillars” or better known as “Bazi” together with a booklet which we called “Your First Book to Success” which tells who you really are & listed out the elements you need and avoid, how to harness the useful elements through your daily routine and make the best result in every life situation and assist you in important events decision making.
Today with our on line purchasing services, we are able to bring this to you at your convenience via Video Conferencing wherever you are or even in the form of Email to suit your busy life styles.

  1. Email “Your First Book to Success” with detail Elaboration with your 4 Pillars
  2. Meeting or Video Conference on “Your First Book to Success” with your 4 Pillars 

On the Other hand, we help our clients to boost their daily life to the next level by providing the below services as well which is now available via on line purchasing.

  1. Name Selection & Recommendation
  2. Date Selection

Please Click on the desired service for more detail and payment.
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