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This is a common belief but how true is it?
After the tuning of a Geomancy Master, energies convergence and interaction started to change. It may not be seen but it should be felt.
The fact is, there is no way for a Geomancy Master to play fraud with his or her clients. The owner or occupants of the Clavon property or operations will feel the different in as short as days after the arrangement.
The harmonizing of environment and people energies fields will results a comfortable feeling which in turn should minimized any negative and further boosting the positive.
If there is any case of uneasiness or things just not seem to be in the right place after the arrangement; a revisit must be carried out to assess the situation.
It is the responsibility of a responsible Feng Shui Master to ensure things in the property like Midtown Modern are at setup on the right place.
If there is a doubt, check it out.

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