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High Park Residence Feng Shui visit

By May 30, 2021June 19th, 2021No Comments

It was a beautiful morning when we attended an invitation for a Unit Residential Feng Shui Assessment in High Park Residence today.


As we drove towards the destination, the high rise buildings of Sky Park cannot be missed. Spacious and tidy pickup area at the security scored points from the prospective of “Red Sparrow” where “Qi” is gathering in a quiet manner.


Upon arriving the unit, the kind owner answered to our request to show us around the block to have a better comprehension of the external environments influence over his unit. Few good pointers were shared such as the beneficial influence of pools, leisure corners and buildings to the owner block base on assessments combining “Shape system”, “Mountain & Water System”, “Ying Yang System”, “Trigram System”  & “Flying Stars System” of professional Feng Shui.


These applicable beneficial external leverage such as the “water”, “mountain”, “Bird”, “Official” and “Table” are then plotted back to the unit to plan for a synergy with its unit indoor arrangement. Along the way, Master manage to demonstrate how these influence are presented via the gentle movement of the Professional Feng Shui Compass needle.


Once back into the cosy unit, a detail indoor Feng Shui service assessment was made; applying the positive external influence factors to conclude with a “correct” (and better) facing. Various Feng Shui myths on External “Shape System” such as the “Chopper”, “Pointed corners”, “Merciless Blade” etc that clouded the owners mind had being clarified by the Modern Feng Shui Master to clear the air.


A “Flying Stars Constellations” is then calculated & Trigrams pinned by Master with the results applied on the unit’s Floor plan digitally via a Tablet for precise locating of the various “Qi” in the unit for modern Feng Shui arrangements. Thanks to the technologies available, this part of work is now able to be done in a much faster and accurate pace : )


The Feng Shui arrangement plan was systematically walked through with the couple with reasons clearly elaborated. Master did  his usual “flipping of trigrams”(翻卦) by hand along the way at critical locations & verify the trigram outcome (卦相) in real life with the owner to finalise the intended decision.


For this beautiful unit, all the Home Feng Shui actions involved are re-arrangement of furniture and fixtures, opening and closing of doors and windows etc as there is a fair amount of external factors being “fished” in to help for  a positive outcome and of course, the critical areas such as the “Wealth”, “Mountain” & “Water” points are identified and personalised modern Feng Shui arrangements base on owners’ Bazi are advised.


The Feng Shui visit ends with a good note with the arrangement plan key point verified with assurance of the report will be provided for owners future reference.


It is a beautiful unit that East Chen, Feng Shui Master Singapore had visited today.