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Superstition happened when there is no clear, comprehensive, logical or basis of anything yet people followed blindly. Believe in something that is not explainable is superstition.
Does Feng Shui falls in this category? Of course not as there are solid bases of theories, formulas, proven facts that had withstands the test of times; thousands of years to be exact.
Countless masters and practitioners invested their time and resources over these thousands of years to streamline the art while refining the formulas and applications methods.
The evolution of Fengshui had being a non stop process. Directions had started from 4 to 8 then to 12 and finally ends at 24 in macro term. However ambitious metaphysics professionals went on to push and had come out with details right down to 363 points within a circle; an even higher details over the 360 degrees that we all are used to.
It is however a fact that there are parts and pieces being lost in the course of time due to conservative attitudes of the past masters or information lost due to natural or human disaster.
Situations is made worse with some astray practitioners projected mystical images to their clients in order to command a higher commercial or political benefits which most of the times involved unqualified irresponsible learners of the art that created the bad names.
The bad name and negative image had cast a shadow of untrustworthy image over the art unjustly and projected the perception of superstitions which is a sad situation that the art is in.
Feng Shui is not superstition. It is the actions of irresponsible practitioners and innocent victims that made the name suffered.

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