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East Chen Consultancy will be conducting highly comprehensive; layman terminology Elementary Express Bazi (Four Pillars) Class on 17th Mar 2018.

  1. English Session: 10am-12pm
  2. Chinese Session: 1pm- 3pm

The Bazi class is designed to be a layman approach with the usage of East Chen’s Bazi Calculator to guide East Chen’s Students the easiest & comprehensive way to understanding of the system of Bazi and have fun with it any time any where with just a few touch of buttons.
A quick, layman but content filled lesson which is suitable for anyone who is interested to know about the system but had problems to munch on the heavy & complicated terms and elaboration used on the relationships.
Early Bird Price: $128 till 28th Feb before usual price of $188 applies.
Registration via dialing 7344138 or email to
Bazi Elementary Class 2018 R1