Bazi Calculator

Forward Note


This Bazi Calculator is for East Chen Consultancy's visitors leisure use and its superficial level is not competent enough to replace a professional Bazi analysis by Bazi Master whose results are much more in depth and can be very different from the calculator's due to various factors.


Thus East Chen's customers please be at ease if you find the result is very different from the professional analysis done by East Chen Master Wesley Lim; especially for those born around Midnight,  for some cases, in year where there is Leap month or when your combination does not falls in the "usual" 60% .


East Chen Consultancy offers personal discussion; including video conference & Express Email service that besides reading the combinations in details,  Master Wesley will moves further into the multiple critical keys in Daily Routines & Details to boost customers' chances to be sucessful in life. You can find out more details in our "Bazi Analysis" Services Tab under "Service".


Never the less, it is still a good tool for everyone to have a taste into the uncharted water of Bazi Elements.


So, which element do you belong to? Let your journey into the space of Bazi Elements starts here!