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Invisible Feng Shui

It‘s the East Chen Feng Shui Chat Room on 28/4 (Wed)8pm with distinguished guests from NVC, chatting on Facebook Live on the topic of “Invisible Feng Shui”.

Thanks to NVC sponsorship, there will be 3 latest model of NVC Air Purifier to be won by Facebook Audience of the program.

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See you then!

《东辰会客室》在4月28日(周三)有幸邀请到跨国公司,NVC莅临节目,通过Facebook Live与大家谈风论水,聊聊“隐形风水”;为来临5月15日的“隐形风水”webinar教课室先爆一些料,同时也解答现场观众的风水与八字问题!


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