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姓名学免费讲座5月16日_<开心抗疫> 第二炮! 知道姓名学的来源与运作原理?坊间所说的人云亦云是真的吗? 来听大师告诉你没有烟雾的真正姓名学吧! 东辰《开心抗疫》第二炮:《姓名学》5月16日早上10点钟,30分钟解开你的迷迷糊糊! 请在此报名! 欢迎拨电67344138(新加坡)或073649902(马来西亚)询问详情!   Free <Name System> talk in 16th May, 2nd Episode of East Chen <Be Happy> series! Do you know the origin of the "Name System"? Are what the "Legend" you heard are true? Come & listen to Master Wesley for the true

[video width="400" mp4=""][/video] East Chen <Be Happy> Online Series will be kicking off on 9th May (Sat) 10am! Sit Back, Relax and Listen to Master Wesley light hearted sharing. 东辰《快乐抗疫》线上节目于5月9日启动! 轻松地看看林雨生老师的轻松分享。 Click here to sign up for a informative morning. 有意者请在此点击报名,  

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