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By November 22, 2021No Comments

2022 Feng Shui Webinar









It is going to be 2022 soon and enter the “Water Tiger” which can feast on you and tame by you; are you ready to manage the beast to your advantages? Are you ready to be the Master of the beast and ride towards a successful 2022?

  • The auspicious “back to office/shop” dates
  • The lucky numbers for 2022
  • The practical tips for 12 zodiacs to get lucky
  • The best & worst of your place that can be driven for better tomorrow with practical Feng Shui Tips
  • The outlook for Singapore and Malaysia
  • The outlook of the other nations
  • The outlook for each Industry
  • The outlook of everyone’s health
  • Who are the lucky people in 2022?
  • And importantly, how can you drive yourself towards a better 2022?

Audience of past East Chen Annual Feng Shui Event will agree that the content share by Master Wesley is always informative and useful. The Q&A will always be answered in the clarifying way and the generous lucky draw is never disappointing!

It is never East Chen’s founder, Master Wesley’s intention to call for a high price on the informative content event since the first show had being put up; it is only a symbolic SGD29 to attend this content full 2022 annual Feng Shui Zoom Webinar!

Only SGD29 for an informative event with generous Lucky Draw and verifying Q&A! There is really no reason you should give this a pass! The seats are limited thus book yours now!

See you on 8th Jan 2022(Sat) 10am and East Chen Team will meet you online!

Note:Audience who had purchased the tickets will receive an official Zoom registration link from East Chen within 3 working days.